Anonymous asked:
I really like your doodles. Im not really into manga or anime or whatever but they are lovely. Keep doodling!

aaa wow thank u/// ♥♥♥

omg so many new followers hi guys///

i don’t think you’re gonna get as much quality as you’re hoping for from my art but I’ll keep doing my best!! thanks 4 supporting me <33

cover art I did for astroskeleton's new album out today!! it was definitely a challenge and i took a lot of risks and tried new things but it payed off, I think. (a lot like the music itself aaaa) 

but please check out the album!! he’s worked incredibly hard and it’s really really great ♥♥♥ it’s definitely worth a listen, at least.

listen/download here


CHARACTER DESIGN WEEK CHALLENGE #1: Draw your results from a monster girl/boy generator

"Emotionally-Absent faun girl who wears a school girl uniform" hell yeah


from a lil project my friends and i are doing

experimenting w/ lines and style a lil bit? this picture gives off a vibe that i always really want in my art but usually gets lost somewhere

Feeb Lee

hey hey go like this fb page i made for my art

i drew the magic lesbians

i didn’t intend to take this further than a doodle but o well

aah 100 followers!!! thanks so much guys ♥♥

done on the back of one of my notebooks today heh

cool lil adventurer girl


made it a gif!!